The ORR has officially shared its annual ranking of State Outdoor Recreation Economies from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis for 2022.

The Outdoor Recreation industry is growing, and the numbers are here to show it!  In 2022, Outdoor Recreation generated $1.1 trillion in Economic Output and 5 million jobs. In the past year, the outdoor recreation economy grew 2.5x the U.S. economy as a whole.  In the state of Colorado, the Outdoor Recreation Industry represents 2.8% Value Added of the State GDP.  Additionally, the state saw a 9.2% change in Outdoor Recreation Employment for the year 2022.

In response to this information, Conor Hall, Director of Colorado’s Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, says it well, “We are grateful to the BEA for gathering this data showing clearly that the outdoor industry is a critical economic driver and source of jobs for both Colorado and the country. We must continue to champion destination stewardship, more equitable access to the outdoors, a healthy workforce, and continued sustainable growth of the industry.”

To read more, visit the ORR report.

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