Dr. JD McKenna - Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreational

Dr. JD McKenna


JD grew up in central Minnesota, where he joined the Boy Scouts at age 6 and joined the military as an Army Ranger and Green Beret. The first time JD came to Colorado, was to train up the newly formed El Paso County Search and Rescue team. Based on that experience, he spent the next dozen years working towards getting back to Colorado permanently.

JD has a Doctoral degree in Business Management with emphasis on Strategic Planning and Organizational Development; with a minor in Information Assurance and Security from Colorado Technical University (CTU). JD is the owner of a consulting and coaching hybrid business, where he helps SMB organizations solve their complex strategic level problems. This is collectively accomplished through facilitated workshops, and tools such as the Business Model Canvas and a Capability Gap Analysis.

JD supports several local organizations that help military personnel, on their transitional journey out of military service. He enjoys mountain biking, backcountry skiing, fishing with his family, and volunteering at local sporting events.

A little-known fact about JD, is that he spent 1 ½ years training in Europe as a mountain guide and wrote a training manual for the Army Special Forces community on winter and high-altitude survival.