Chris Gonzales - Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreational

Chris Gonzales

At Large

Growing up in Florida, Chris Gonzales has always had a passion for being active and in nature.
In 2018, he and his wife felt the call of the mountains and moved to Woodland Park to raise their children in the great outdoors.
Chris is the owner of The Movement Training Company, where he works with outdoor athletes to help them prepare their bodies to adventure forever. As a Sport & Orthopedic Massage Therapist and Functional Movement Consultant, he loves getting to help everyone from Olympians to weekend warriors prevent injury, recover faster, and train better so they can continue to enjoy their time outdoors.  While his day job is centered around keeping people fit and functional to go on adventures, his volunteer work is focused on making sure they will always have places to go. He is the founder of Teller Trail Team, whose mission is to help create, maintain, and advocate for better trails and outdoor reaction opportunities in and around Teller County. He also serves on the Woodland Park Parks & Rec. Advisory Board where he was a part of creating their new Master Plan, which will guide their City for the next 10+ years. He also spearheaded the Avenger Open Space Project, which will triple the amount of Open Space/Green Way Property held by the City, and usher them into a new era of providing outdoor recreation opportunities for the community.
When he is not helping people live happier, healthier lives, you can find him rock climbing, camping, shooting his bow, or hiking with his family.

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