Bobby Mikulas - Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreational

Bobby Mikulas

At Large

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, I am a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and ever learning steward of our natural resources in this beautiful state. I love all things outdoors but especially fly fishing, climbing and alpinism, running, biking, and snowboarding. The Rocky Mountains have shaped me and inspired me to explore the rugged mountains of Ecuador, the limestone cliffs of Thailand, mossy trails of New Zealand, black sand beaches of Iceland, and more. I love to plan, guide, and facilitate adventure trips with my family and friends, new and old. I studied at CU Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses, earning the Eldon Stephens Thesis of the year award for my studies in philosophy and business. In 2016 was very lucky to travel the world with my bride, which inspired us to collaborate with our partners on a hospitality startup in Colorado Springs where I have served for the last six years as the founding CEO for Kinship Landing, an internationally recognized friendly boutique hotel with it’s award winning Homa Cafe and Bar. I also consult for founders and entrepreneurs and am an active member of our downtown community. My sweet spot is recognizing opportunities and designing and implementing solutions that synthesize ideas, people, and resources.

When not working on our businesses or out adventuring, I stay engaged in my local community by volunteering on boards and organizations, hosting community gatherings, kicking around in the woods, and playing with my kiddos and hanging with friends. My three young sons and my wife are my joy and passion. I love and enjoy literature, art, and philosophy. On any given week you can catch me on local trails in my hometown of Colorado Springs, reading, and piddling around barefoot in the yard with my fam.

I joined PPORA Board because I understand the importance of embracing changing demands and user volume when it comes to our outdoors. We must anticipate and respond with the essential infrastructure to support not only the thriving of our trails, plants, animals, and terra, but also sustainable, fair and diverse access for all. 

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PPORA is leading a regional planning effort – the Outdoor Pikes Peak Initiative. Through the last few years of gathering input, the OPPI team has drafted strategies for advancing outdoor recreation and conservation priorities for the Pikes Peak region. Please take our survey to provide your feedback today!