Giving Tuesday 2019

You can make an impact!

Thank you for checking out our Giving Tuesday Campaign Page! We appreciate your interest in PPORA.

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Any amount of donation helps us achieve our mission:

To strengthen the outdoor recreation industry for the Pikes Peak region through leadership and collaboration.

Any donation of $20 or more will receive an adorable stuffed pika FREE!

Join us as we re-imagine the Pikes Peak region

Imagine a Pikes Peak region…

  • known for valuing and investing in its outdoor infrastructure;
  • whose leaders recognize the key role the outdoors play in our quality of life and attraction of workforce, business, and tourists;
  • where locals and visitors alike have multitudes of recreational choices from a robust and innovative outdoor business community;
  • with easy and ready access to amenities that enhance the recreational user’s experience;
  • whose natural resources are respected, protected, and preserved;
  • where resources and information are readily available to discover that next adventure;
  • where its outdoor recreation industry is known for its impact, unity, and spirit of collaboration;
  • with resourced and supportive land managers operating out of updated, forward thinking management plans;
  • that is a model for good mental and physical health outcomes through outdoor activity.