Focus on the Forest Clean-up


One of PPORA’s key pillars (all verbs – action words) is STEWARD. Stewardship means the management or care of something and in our context, PPORA is focused on our region’s public lands and waterways.

These natural resources have given so much to those who enjoy outdoor recreation and caring for them and ensuring they provide for amazing experiences for future generations is a value PPORA works to instill in others.

From our strategic plan:

GOAL: Support stewardship of our outdoor environments and promote outdoor ethics for responsible recreation.

OBJECTIVE: To educate and inspire the region’s recreational users on best practices for stewarding our outdoors.

OUTCOME: A healthy outdoor infrastructure that is sustainable for many generations.

To achieve this goal, PPORA incorporates stewardship in its events, social media and other communications, and has established a PPORA Stewardship Fund.