It is with great pleasure that the Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) publish this draft report entitled Ring the Peak Master Plan. This report is the culmination of over two years of public, stakeholder and personal meetings designed to arrive at consensus on completing the iconic Ring the Peak Trail.

The core partnership team responsible for the production of this report was comprised of individuals from the TOSC Board of Directors, our consulting team at N.E.S., Inc. and a representative of Friends of the Peak. Funding for this project was provided through a Planning Grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).

As the Project Manager for TOSC, I would like to thank all of the individuals, agencies, and organizations who provided their valuable input during the planning process. All of your input was carefully considered and helped guide the process to what we hope is a viable option to, at long last, complete the Ring the Peak Trail.

Michael Rigney

Next Steps

We have submitted this draft plan to our principal stakeholders for review and we hope to have their comments in a few weeks. Our partnership team will then review the comments and issue a final Master Plan as soon as those comments are incorporated into a final document.

This final Master Plan will be the principal guiding document for completing the Ring the Peak Trail.

Viewing and Downloading the Plan

To view or download this file, click on the image below. A .pdf viewer will appear which will allow you to scroll through the document, change views or download.

The full Master Plan is a large file (62 MB) so we provide the option of viewing and downloading each of the four sections separately below.

Full Master Plan

Section 1 is approximately 12 MB.

Section 1

Section 2 is approximately 18 MB.

Section 2

Section 3 is approximately 25 MB.

Section 3

Section 4 is approximately 8 MB

Section 4