July 6, 2021
Photo: 3 Peaks Photography

PPORA Was Selected as Colorado Outdoor Regional Partner for the Pikes Peak Region!

We are proud to announce that the Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance (PPORA) has been selected through a state-wide competitive process as a Regional Partner to advance recreation and conservation planning for the Pikes Peak region. The Colorado Outdoor Regional Partnerships Initiative is funded jointly through Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Great Outdoors Colorado and was created to ensure that our State remains a world-class outdoor destination while preserving our land, water, wildlife, and quality of life.  The grant supports PPORA in coalition building as well as collaborative planning for outdoor recreation and conservation in the Pikes Peak region.

Stay tuned as we share updates regarding the goals, process, and how you can become involved! Learn more about the Regional Partnership in the CO-OP announcement below and PPORA’s Press Release HERE.

We are thrilled to have PPORA selected as the Outdoor Regional Partner for the Pikes Peak Region. PPORA has a history of being a collaborator of the different members of our outdoor community. We will use this opportunity to continue working towards a unified plan that supports the goals of all stakeholders that engage in the outdoors in the Pikes Peak region. – Chris Young, Managing Partner, Springs Wealth Group, and Chair of PPORA’s Board of Directors

With over five years of expanding and convening partners, championing the outdoors, and serving as a catalyst for conversation and action, we (PPORA) recognize what is at stake, have begun the work, and are leading the way to a collaborative and inspiring plan for the future. We couldn’t be more excited to be chosen as the Regional Partner for the Pikes Peak region and we invite robust engagement from across the community. – Becky Leinweber, Executive Director, Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance

The grant funds support collaborative planning to preserve the natural resources and outdoor recreation experiences that are integral to our state and region’s quality of life and economic prosperity. We’re thrilled that PPORA is a recipient. – Emma Mitchell, Member Relations Manager, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, and Member of PPORA’s Board of Directors

The selection of PPORA to represent the Pikes Peak region is welcome acknowledgment of the years already spent including and building bridges to over 30 public and private entities in the Pikes Peak region. It is also valuable financial assistance as management issues are being overwhelmed by dramatic user growth. Inclusive and rigorous future sustainable management has never been more important and is now on the way with Regional Partnership recognition. – Walt Hecox, Professor Emeritus, Colorado College, and Member of PPORA’s Board of Directors

Colorado Outdoor Regional Partnerships Initiative Announces Initial Round of Grant Recipients

DENVER – Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) are collaborating to fund coalitions working to protect Colorado’s land, water, and wildlife through the Colorado Outdoor Regional Partnerships Initiative. This week, CPW announced the following award winners who are collectively receiving over $600,000 in grant funding including:

  • Envision Recreation in Balance Partnership
  • Metro Denver Nature Alliance
  • NoCo PLACES 2050
  • Ouray Recreation and Conservation Alliance
  • Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance
  • Routt Recreation Roundtable
  • San Luis Valley Great Outdoors

This funding program will support new and existing coalitions who will collaborate with the Colorado Outdoor Partnership (CO-OP) and are committed to conserving wildlife and natural resources, ensuring sustainable outdoor recreation opportunities and convening a broad representation of outdoor related interests. The goal of the Regional Partnerships Initiative is to create a statewide conservation and recreation plan that incorporates priorities set by Regional Partnerships in accordance with Executive Order B 2020 008.

“These grants will bring stakeholders together from across the spectrum of the outdoors to lead local and statewide planning that balances the conservation of our state’s tremendous natural resources with the outdoor recreation experiences that we all value in Colorado,” said CPW Director Dan Prenzlow.

For more information, please see the Regional Partnerships Initiative page on the CPW website.