COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. May 18, 2020 — The Pikes Peak Outdoor

Recreation Alliance (PPORA) wants to applaud our partners for making a difference as we celebrated Colorado Public Lands Day May 16th.

Although the celebrations were many and varied throughout the state, here in the Pikes Peak region we want to shine the spotlight on two local initiatives, conducted by an outdoor experience business, Adventures Out West (AOW) and a motorized recreation club, Colorado Motorcycle Trail Riders Association (CMTRA).

CMTRA made an impact May 17th on Captain Jack’s trailhead as well as nearby areas with 14 volunteers collecting over 30 bags of trash, tires, a mattress, a safe and more! When asked why the club conducted this effort, club president Mark Reimler said, “In conjunction with the city of Colorado Springs and the US Forest Service, CMTRA has adopted Captain Jack’s trail and takes pride in keeping Captain Jack’s clean, unblocked, and in great condition so all the different users can enjoy this gem of a local trail system.”

AOW’s regular business activities include jeep tours, zipline adventures, segways and more. But they recently pivoted to keep staff employed and make a difference through clean-ups that they’ve branded “Pick It Up COS” for us locally, and which have spread to other states and even to Japan! On May 14th they conducted multiple clean-ups locally, such as at North Cheyenne Canyon, in small groups and the 50 participants collected over 50 trash bags full of garbage! Owner Greg Wellens said, “At AOW business is slow, so we are using this opportunity to give back to our community. We encourage all humans to Pick It Up and participate in some way to better your part of the world.”

We couldn’t have said it better! PPORA encourages our community to get out and enjoy the outdoors but also do your part to give back.


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