Jan 27, 2021

PPORA is excited to see some new energy focused on making our downtown Colorado Springs waterway something we can all be proud of. The Fountain Creek corridor spans seven miles, passing through the downtown Colorado Springs Area. For a long time, this land has been the host of many development plans, but none of them ever came to completion.

This year, two philanthropic organizations (the Greenway Foundation funded by Lydia Hill Philanthropies and Chris Lieber of NES Inc.) came together to resurrect the previous ideas and form a “master plan” to revitalize Fountain Creek and turn it into a source of many recreational outlets. Public meetings will be happening in the near future (dates yet to be released) to allow for community feedback and ideas for the project. The planning phase of this project is estimated to last one year.

From Colorado Springs Business Journal:

“A primary goal of the FCWVIP will be the creation of a Plan that respects the Colorado Springs community’s values and history, responds to infrastructure needs, improves the health of riparian ecosystems, enhances parks, trails and open spaces, and leverages economic development opportunities.”

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