Colorado Springs’ tourism information center is now operating under a different name and an updated logo.

The Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau — now Visit Colorado Springs — announced the name change in a Tuesday press release.

The new Visit Colorado Springs logo.

“The decision amplifies the organization’s mission to bring more visitors to Colorado Springs at Pikes Peak and helps communicate the purpose of Colorado Springs — Olympic City USA’s destination marketing organization,” the release said.

The move follows many other CVBs across the country, such as Visit Denver, Visit Estes Park and Visit New Orleans and reflects “an industry-wide goal of driving tourism dollars into their respective communities.”

The Visit Colorado Springs’ board of directors has approved the new name, according to release.

“Consideration of an updated name has been a part of our strategic plan for a number of years,” said Doug Price, the CEO of Visit Colorado Springs, in the release. “The logo developed in 2011 is strong, so only minor adjustments were needed. The updated logo will soon appear in our advertising, on our website and in organization collateral and signage.”

The new name has been used across social media platforms for more than eight years by the organization, including the #VisitCOS hashtag and its website,