We had so much fun at the the Colorado Outdoor Industry Leadership Summit! The discussions that were had will greatly affect the industry going forward, so we have decided to share the email recap we received! Email and event credit go to the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office.

Hello all! 

Thank you for joining us at the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Leadership Summit (COILS) in Glenwood Springs this October. We were blown away by your engagement and ideas during the panels and breakout sessions. As promised, we reviewed the breakout session notes, and have distilled the suggestions into a few points under each session topic below. Thank you, once again, for sharing your insights with us. This will help guide our work at the state level so we can better support the outdoor recreation industry throughout Colorado.

– The OREC team

Feedback from Breakout Sessions

#1 – Is Outdoor Recreation a pathway to prosperity for all of Colorado?

Support outdoor recreation companies in rural communities by providing incentives, infrastructure improvements, broadband expansion, affordable housing options and education opportunities

Create, expand, and support initiatives and incentives that allow a variety of communities and industries to cross-pollinate

Invest in the regional outdoor recreation coalition model

Urge communities to understand the importance of outdoor recreation-related startups and small businesses .

Credit: Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

#2 – Recreation & Conservation: Have we found balance?

Involve diverse stakeholders – industry, public sector, state planning agencies, private landowners – in the conversations regarding conservation and stewardship efforts

Increase marketing for sustainable recreation while promoting voluntourism

Examine ways to bridge the funding gap for recreation assets by looking at gear taxes, pay-to-play models, licensing efforts and business support opportunities

Credit: Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

#3 – Investing in future outdoor industry leaders:Is Colorado doing enough?

Make outdoor recreation programming required in school education, while allowing for a focus on sustainable recreation

Improve mentorship programs and paid internships for outdoor industry professions (eg. OREC Youth Ambassador Program)

Explore the creation of gear libraries for schools and similar programs

Credit: Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

#4 – What makes for a comprehensive public wellness strategy in the outdoor industry?

Continue to support research that demonstrates the benefits of nature on health and related outcomes

Extensively share the new outdoor recreation business toolkit for health and wellness

Spread the idea that getting outside doesn’t have to be “risky,” or “gnar,” and that it can be as adventurous as spending time in your own backyard

Credit: Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office