Colorado Announces E-Bike Rebate Program

We are in a state of awareness for the ever growing climate issues. Many organizations and programs are being developed to off set some of the challenges we are facing by providing simple solutions on how you can start to take action. Colorado officials are finalizing plans to distribute $12 million in statewide electric bike rebates.

This state wide rebate plan was inspired by the successful  Denver e-bike assistance plan that maxed out its first round of applications at 3,250. More than half the applicants sought the $400 e-bike rebates that don’t depend on income, and about 40% applied for rebates that go up to $1,200 for income-qualified candidates. Those buying e-cargo bikes, set up to carry kids to school or deliveries or equipment for work, can get an additional $500. A new round of applications for the city of Denver’s rebate program will open after the 4th of July.

E-bikes use a battery pack and motor to make pedaling easier or extend coasting, with variable settings that can set the bikes cruising from 15 to 30 mph. They can help take hundreds of pounds of cargo across town and up hills, and advocates say they make commuting safer by allowing bikers to surge at green lights, merge into traffic or avoid accidents.

“The Colorado Energy Office will administer the new state e-bike program, aiming at a January launch, to open up more access to the bikes meant to replace fossil fuel-driven cars with transportation that runs on cleaner electric power. The legislation seeks to help 12,000 people statewide with e-bike and equipment purchases, safety training and aid to governments, tribes and nonprofits setting up distribution programs”

The Colorado Energy office has $400 to $1,200 vouchers to make car replacement a reality for bike fans, and thousands are signing up. The office will kick off the program starting in January 2023. Denver’s first round of rebates were split between low -income applicants and those who did not need to be income qualified, however the Colorados state rebate program will aim it’s e-bike rebates at lower income households.

Programs such as these are on the right track, taking the necessary steps cities and states need to make to address and encourage transportation change.

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