Developed by The Milken Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan think tank, the BPI index helps reveal important annual information regarding the state of small and large cities across the country.

The BPI index reflects metropolitan areas’ effectiveness at promoting economic growth while remaining attractive to residents and businesses.  To determine this, the index uses a total of 13 measures that fall into the following categories:
– labor-market performance
– high-tech impact
– access to economic opportunities
Cities are ranked from Tier 1 to Tier 5, broke up into two categories: large and small cities.

According to the 2024 report, Colorado Springs falls in “Tier 2” with a BPI index ranking of 15.  Compared with other small and large cities across the state, Colorado Springs is ranked the highest.  Denver, CO is not far behind at a ranking of 20 in Tier 2.
Fort Collins ranks at 29, and Boulder ranks at 47, respectively.

Colorado Springs surpassed Denver just in the past 2023-2024 year.  In 2023, Colorado Springs came in with a ranking of 37, and Denver ranked at 28.  With a combination of job growth, a desirable location, and several other factors, Colorado Springs continues to rise in attraction.  More specifically, Colorado Springs experienced a 10.5% job growth period between 2017-2022, whereas Denver experienced 8.4% job growth in that same period.

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