Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance Board of Directors allocates $20,000 in funds raised through the Pikes Peak APEX for local trails

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. July 21, 2021- The Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance (PPORA) announces its PPORA Stewardship Fund allocation of $20,000 which includes funds reserved from 2020 and those anticipated to be raised by the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox this year.  The money is being spent on trails that will be used in the 2021 edition of the APEX this September as well as trails that could potentially be used by the event in 2022 and beyond.  Trails include USFS trails in Monument, CO, new trails in Cheyenne Canyon on Colorado Springs Parks land, and support for existing trails in Palmer Park.

Central to the Pikes Peak APEX’s plans in 2021 will be work done on Forest Service Trail 715 in Monument Preserve and the Mt. Herman area.  The Friends of Monument Preserve are spearheading plans to enhance existing trails with the help of Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates and The Trails and Open Space Coalition in preparation for the Stage 2 course for the APEX.  $1500 has been set aside for these projects.

As Stage 1 of the APEX will again be held in Palmer Park, the PPORA wanted to recognize those organizations doing great work there.  Even though the city of Colorado Springs has fully funded those efforts, the PPORA Stewardship Fund has given a small donation of $250 each to the Guardians of Palmer Park and the Rocky Mountain Field Institute.

The funds set aside for Cheyenne Canyon are a bit of a longer play for the Pikes Peak APEX.  The PPORA allocated $12,000 to Colorado Springs Parks for new trail building in the Daniel’s Pass and Sweetwater Canyon area that could be used in future editions of the APEX.  Working with the Friends of Cheyenne Canyon, the city is finalizing trail design that would see at least 5 miles of new trail built in that area.

In addition, $6,000 is being set aside for future projects yet to be determined.  The goal of the money being reserved is to allocate a percentage of each year’s funding to ensure fund viability and to provide potential matching funds or seed money for regional trail and outdoor recreation initiatives that will benefit the Pikes Peak region.

“The PPORA Stewardship Panel thoughtfully discussed and evaluated the best projects to receive finding in 2021.  During these meetings, the panel also identified several potential trail projects for 2022 funding.  I am honored to chair these regional stewardship leaders that give their time and thoughtful knowledge to the PPORA Stewardship Panel,” stated Priscilla Marbaker, PPORA Stewardship Chair and Principal of Tapis Associates.

The 2021 PPORA Stewardship Panel included the following:

  • David Adair, Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates
  • David Deitemeyer, Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services
  • Jason Meyer, El Paso County Parks
  • Jennifer Peterson, Rocky Mountain Field Institute
  • Joshua VonLoh, USFS Pikes Peak Ranger District
  • Micah Rice, Pikes Peak APEX
  • Priscilla Marbaker, PPORA Stewardship Fund Chair
  • Samantha Gooch, USFS Pikes Peak Ranger District
  • Sander Rigney, RockShox
  • Sue Miller, USFS Pikes Peak Ranger District
  • Susan Davies, Trails and Open Space Coalition
  • Toby Gannett, PPORA Board of Directors

Special thanks to participants and sponsors of the 2021 Pikes Peak APEX who are responsible for funding this year’s contribution, with special acknowledgment to Athletic Brewing Company for their $5,000 contribution directly to the Fund! Sponsors include:

  • RockShox
  • Heuberger Subaru
  • Norwood Development Group
  • The Warner Group
  • Athletic Brewing Company
  • Centura Health
  • CTS
  • Springs Wealth Group
  • GE Johnson