Who We Are

The Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance (PPORA) is a collaborative of businesses, nonprofits, land management entities, and individuals who recognize the value of our region’s incredible natural and recreation assets to our community, both economically and for our health and well-being.

Led by a Board and Advisory Council consisting of outdoor industry and community leaders, including the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC and Visit Colorado Springs, the organization works to strengthen the outdoor recreation industry of the Pikes Peak region through leadership and collaboration.

In the outdoors, we come together with friends and family, make lasting memories and find solitude and contemplation. And a growing body of research shows that being outdoors delivers health benefits that are, in many cases, on par with pharmaceutical treatments. When leaders invest in outdoor recreation, research shows that it can reduce crime rates, improve educational outcomes, and lower health care costs—all of which leads to a better community.


We are looking for key stakeholders to help shape the future of outdoor recreation in the Pikes Peak region.

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What We Believe

Principles for Advancing Outdoor Recreation and Conservation

Colorado's Adoption of the SHIFT Principles

We believe in the SHIFT Principles for Advancing Outdoor Recreation and Conservation
(From www.shiftjh.org)

Why these principles?

Outdoor recreation in natural settings is and always has been an indispensable part of conservation. Active engagement with the outdoors has produced some of the country’s most inspiring conservation leaders. Our natural places and the recreational activities they provide are essential to us mentally, spiritually, and physically. By immersing people in the natural world, outdoor recreation builds support for conservation of the places we come to love and helps to develop the next generation of stewards. Outdoor recreation offers a remarkable opportunity to reinvigorate conservation efforts by engaging younger generations and diverse populations.
Outdoor recreation adds economic stability, diversity, resilience, and prosperity to communities across the country while creating a broader constituency for protecting our natural resources. Outdoor recreation is a sustainable enterprise, the third largest economic sector in the United States, and fosters human health and well-being.
When unmanaged or poorly managed, outdoor recreation can adversely affect our public lands, as well as the quality of experiences and the numerous benefits they provide. The rapid growth of recreational use on public land, and the evolving nature of this use, often raises concerns that the quality of the lands and waters on which this recreation depends is being degraded. It also stresses the integral relationship between conservation and recreation.
The set of principles that follow, which has been informed by numerous historic and ongoing efforts on the issue, aims to guide collaboration among outdoor recreationists, conservationists, and public land managers and serve as a starting point for collective, strategic conversations and actions to protect our lands, waters and wildlife.

Our Mission


Responsibly grow outdoor recreation in the Pikes Peak region


Inspire greater participation in outdoor recreation


Strengthen the Pikes Peak region's outdoor recreation industry



Support stewardship of our outdoor environments and promote outdoor ethics for responsible recreation


Advocate on behalf of the outdoor recreation industry at the local, state and national levels


Our Vision

PPORA will establish the Pikes Peak Region as one of the premier destinations to pursue Outdoor Recreation, while helping to attract and recruit appropriate businesses and establish policies and best practices for our industry.



Becky Leinweber
Executive Director


Board Members

Angler’s Covey

Willie Kalaskie

Greg Wellens
Adventure Out West

Miles Cottom
Alpern Myers Stuart LLC

Brian Shelton
Front Range Climbing

Jennifer Peterson
Rocky Mountain Field Insitute

Advisory Council Members

Patrice Lehermeier
Chamber & EDC

cheryl McCullough
Convention and Visitor Bureau

Susan Davies
Trails and Open Space Coalition

Kurt Schroeder
Parks Manager at City of Colorado Springs

Frank McGee
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Rebecca Jewett
Palmer Land Trust

Jerry Panek
Predator 4WD

Tim Biles
Pikes Peak Traveland

Dolores Davis
Garden of the Gods
Visitor Center

Jacob Figueroa
SUP Colorado Springs

Ben Sack
Echo Canyon Rafting

Kenny Romero
Colorado Springs Utilites

How We Work – Find Your Place

PPORA is not a membership organization, but an alliance representing the shared values and varied interests of the Pikes Peak region’s outdoor community.

We are dependent upon the participation of people like you. Committees are set up and established based on need and meetings are worked out by the committee leader. We would be honored if you would like to participate on one of our committees.

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